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Paris, France – sunset

Paris, France

Bushwick, Brooklyn – rooftop

Kris Kemp – suit

Fuerza Bruta

Rosa Dar

DUMBO, Brooklyn, New York

Palm Beach, Florida – BW photoshoot

Daniel Perry

Marian Volkava

Lizzie Michael

Nico Holdel

Maryna Gunko

Dylan Sprouse Brooklyn New York photoshoot

Dylan Sprouse fashion

Dylan Sprouse closeup

Dylan Sprouse pictures

Dylan Sprouse 2

Dylan Sprouse photos

Dylan Sprouse

Brooklyn, NY – photoshoot – Monika

BW photoshoot – Palm Beach, Florida


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Canon AE-1 (35mm film)
Canon Powershot
Samsung Galaxy 3 smartphone
Samsung Galaxy 9 smartphone
Nikon D3200

Kris Kemp is a writer, musician, photographer, traveler, creative entrepreneur. He has a variety of interests that share the common theme of freedom–creative freedom, travel/location freedom, financial freedom, time freedom, health freedom. Feel free to contact him if you need anything.
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