Kris Kemp is a writer, musician, photographer, traveler, creative entrepreneur. He has a variety of interests that share the common theme of freedom–creative freedom, health freedom, travel/location freedom, financial freedom, time freedom.

“I like to take pictures for fun and to document things that, hopefully, motivate, challenge, and inspire people in some way,” says Kemp.

While living in Brooklyn, New York, he organized and assisted with photography shoots, first at his makeshift photo studio in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, then later at a studio loft in Bushwick, Brooklyn.

“When I lived in Williamsburg,” says Kemp, “I rented a room on the 4th floor loft at 67 Metropolitan Avenue. “The loft itself was massive, some 10,000 square feet and the leaseholder allowed me to set up a photo studio outside my room.

One afternoon, I met a blonde-haired kid sitting at the stairs next door and invited him up for a photoshoot. After posting the photos to Facebook, I got all sorts of messages asking me if I knew he he was. I did not. Turned out his name was Dylan Sprouse, a well-known actor who starred in a Disney series when he was younger. Hilarious! He was a nice guy, too.”

Soon after that, the Williamsburg loft was given notice to move out, as the owner intended to sell the building. Kris found a loft space in Bushwick, and began organizing and assisting in photoshoots with NYC photographer Daniel Perry.

While living in Brooklyn, New York, Kemp worked as a BackGround (BG) actor aka “extra” for film and television shows. In his free time, he scheduled photoshoots, and also wrote & produced The Lost Orange, a short film about a chance encounter in the subway that leads to unexpected results.

To schedule a photoshoot or if you just want to get in touch with any other questions, contact Kemp at: bicycledays@yahoo.com / 347-557-5487.

Kris Kemp
writer, musician, photographer, traveler, creative entrepreneur

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