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subject: Fliers
note: There’s a contact sheet in this collection. I think most of these fliers were put together by me. If you see a flier that needs to be credited, please email: bicycledays@yahoo.com
© Kris Kemp

About me
Hi, I’m Kris Kemp.  I’m an amateur photographer / videographer.  Willing to travel.  To schedule a photoshoot or video, text: 347-557-5487
Gear:  Nikon D3200 / Samsung Galaxy 9 phone.

Kris Kemp

Kris Kemp is a writer, musician, photographer, traveler and creative entrepreneur. He's written numerous blog posts, e-books, a novel (the rails), a musical (Dumpster Diver the Musical), and several screenplays, including "The Lost Orange" an independent, short film he produced in Bushwick, Brooklyn, New York. He specializes in writing e-books, copywriting, lead generation, and setting up WordPress websites for clients. Kris Kemp bicycledays@yahoo.com 347-557-5487