Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who are you?
I’m Kris Kemp. I’m a writer, musician, photographer, traveler and creative entrepreneur. I’ve written numerous blog posts, e-books, a novel (the rails), a musical (Dumpster Diver the Musical), and several screenplays, including “The Lost Orange” an independent, short film I produced in Bushwick, Brooklyn, New York. I specializes in writing e-books, copywriting, lead generation, and setting up WordPress websites for clients.

2. Are you a professional photographer?
No. I am an amateur photographer. Although I take pictures for fun and to share an experience, I do accept compensation in the form of payment and barter (food, travel, hotels, etc).

3. What type of gear do you have?
I have a Nikon D3200 camera. For videos, I usually use my Samsung Galaxy 9 smartphone. For editing the videos, I usually use “Power Director”, an app. Sometimes, I use other apps. I am considering purchasing Wondershare Filmora, a video editing software.

4. What type of photography do you specialize in?
I like taking outdoor photography and indoor photography using natural light. I enjoy taking pictures of people and I enjoy traveling. I’m hoping to begin traveling and using photography as a way to offset the costs.

5. Are you available to travel to my luxury hotel and take pictures, in exchange for a free 7-day/night stay?
Yes. : )

6. Are you available to travel to my chateau in France and spend 10 days shooting pictures of the chateau, the grounds, my luxury vehicles?
Yes. : )

7. How can I contact you?
Text: 347-557-5487
Email: bicycledays@yahoo.com

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